Innovative technology solutions that work for your business.

Companies wanting to improve their business processes, increase employee productivity, and align their strategic business initiatives require planning and communications technologies that make their operations more efficient. With poorly chosen or misused systems, deadlines get missed, budgets are overrun and customers become unsatisfied.

The Simplex Group, Inc. is a professional services company working hand-in-hand with organizations of all sizes on the selection and implementation of technology solutions which conquer the challenges they face. As a solution provider, we develop custom business applications that meet the unique requirements of our customers.

Unlike other software resellers–who distribute software like it’s a commodity–Simplex takes a holistic, hands-on approach to learning each customer’s business and becoming a trusted partner and advisor. At Simplex, we help our clients determine their strategic business objectives, and we recommend and deliver innovative solutions which will help achieve those goals.

We invite you to browse the solutions on our Website. If you have questions, please contact us. We’d be glad to speak with you.

Simplex Solution Highlights

VPO | Virtual Project Office™ Collaborative Project Management Solution

Teams can make informed and timely decisions when they have all vital information in a secure, central, Web-based repository that members use collaboratively.

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Microsoft® Office 365 & Cloud Productivity

As a certified Microsoft Cloud Services Specialist, The Simplex Group recommends Office 365 as a solution for managing the communications and collaboration needs of small to mid-size businesses

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Portfolio Management with Oracle Primavera Solutions

Find out how using Primavera solutions can boost your performance and your budget. We offer the latest in Oracle Primavera software, scalable cloud hosting solutions as well as public and private Oracle University Certified Primavera training sessions.

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