Simplex is an industry leader in designing, developing, and deploying customized Microsoft® SharePoint® applications for organizations across a wide variety of industries. We help create custom SharePoint solutions that allow our customers to collaborate transparently across multiple offices on multiple projects.

Experts, at your service.

Many companies find the prospect of developing a SharePoint solution a daunting one—and for good reason. SharePoint offers a complex array of options, and, without expert-level knowledge of the program, an in-house developer can end up with results that don’t deliver. Most companies don’t have the time, budget, or people to spare on something that won’t work.

As experts in developing best-practices project management solutions since 1984, we’re well versed in the effort it takes to implement change in an organization. We’ve developed SharePoint systems with highly customized modules based on organizations’ unique needs, and we can leverage this knowledge quickly to design similar modules to your specifications. When you work with us, you get more than a central information repository; you get processes that ensure the efficient and timely flow of information.

Customized to your requirements

We work with you to determine what you need your project management system to do—and then we deploy our technical expertise to make it happen fast. The result is a customized solution that lets you share information seamlessly and securely. And, as your organization’s needs grow, we partner with you to develop additional applications as needed.

When a company decides to streamline its project management processes by implementing a custom solution, the company’s culture will change, and its efficiency will increase. We offer training on your new system to ease the transition and ensure you’re operating at maximum efficiency.

Ready to get started?

If you’re ready to take the next step, send an email or call us now at 800-847-7539 to schedule your personalized Simplex Step1 Demo. We’ll set up a time to listen and learn about your requirements, analyze them together, and arrive at a solution.

When you decide to proceed, we’ll get you started on Simplex StreamlinePro for SharePoint, our specialized SharePoint implementation methodology. We can host and administer your SharePoint solution, help you set it up to facilitate the kind of communication your projects require, and train project participants in both your organization and others. We also offer ongoing technical support when we host your application.