How can you and your team work together better?

Get the right information to and from the right people at the right time. Teams can make informed and timely decisions when they have all vital information in a secure, central, Web-based repository that members use collaboratively.

That’s why we created VPO | Virtual Project Office™ for architecture, engineering and construction project teams.

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Web-based Collaboration Solution Benefits

  • Use Internet access to connect your team members across organizational and geographic boundaries so they can contribute to collaborative efforts regardless of their time and place of work—without incurring the high costs of travel.
  • Notify team members with automatic e-mail notifications when plans and documents are added and updated—ensuring that collaborators focus effort on their areas of expertise rather than spending time chasing down information and people.
  • Streamline your team’s review-and-approval processes, eliminating delays and cutting costs.
  • Enjoy a high-level dashboard that integrates with line-of-business applications your team is already using, providing interoperability and appropriate transparency.
  • Pool your team’s data and lessons learned, and incorporate Best Practices as standards so you can build on your successes.

Web-based Collaboration Solution Details

Since 1984, Simplex has worked with numerous customers spanning various industries to deliver project management solutions, and we have observed a need for better collaboration among members of our clients’ teams. We don’t view collaboration as simply storing information and documents in a central repository—although that’s a start. By collaboration, we mean also creating a logical electronic flow of critical information that empowers users to work together efficiently and effectively.

In order to add value, information must be more than available; it has to be managed proactively. If timely reviews and approvals of documents are critical to the success of a project, for example, then the process by which those documents are circulated should be streamlined and standardized, using communication methods such as e-mail which are in everyday use by team members, and document forms–such as Microsoft® Word, Excel, and portable document format (PDF)–which are familiar and intuitive.

We’ve partnered with Microsoft® to offer professional services and application templates for Microsoft® SharePoint Products and Technologies. These tools offer a development platform for secure Websites with built-in collaboration features such as document management, review-and-approval workflows, automatic e-mail notifications, and discussion threads. We leverage our relationship with Microsoft® in order to provide low-cost, quick-to-deploy collaboration solutions that exceed our customers’ expectations.