Frequently Asked Questions

Can I register for public, instructor-led training and pay with a PO or a check instead of paying with a credit card?
We’d prefer that you use our online registration system and pay for your training with a credit card. If your organization would like to request that we make an exception to this policy, please contact us at
Do I have to travel in order to attend a public, instructor-led class?
No. We understand that sometimes travel can be both inconvenient and cost-prohibitive. That’s why we’ve introduced Instructor-led Online Primavera Training. Students anywhere in the world can attend our training sessions by using the latest Web-conferencing technologies. It’s almost like being there in person. All you need is a phone, a computer, and an Internet connection. Details
At what time will my instructor-led class start, and when will it finish?
Instructor-led classes conducted online are held from 9:30 AM to approximately 5:30 PM ET. We take an hour-long break for lunch, and there are also short mid-morning and mid-afternoon breaks.